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Medium Format Film Slide Scanning Solutions in Oxfordshire UK


Our top-of-the-range scanning department consists of a Flatbed scanners capable of capturing exceptional ppi detail. From medium format, large format and 127 film we can scan all negatives and complete archives.

Scanning Resolution is one of the most important factors in determining the quality of your digital image. Scanning resolution is similar to the concept of megapixels on a digital camera. The higher your scanning resolution, the higher your quality.


MEDIUM FORMAT FORMAT 1+ 10+ 25+ 50+ 100+ 250+ 500+ 1000+ 2500+ 5000+ 10000+ 15000+
<6x9cm TIFF & JPEG 5.00 2.50 2.00 1.50 1.25 1.00 0.90 0.85 0.80 0.75 0.70 0.65
Medium format alternative sizes included in this price: 6x9cm, 6x6cm, 6x4cm and 6x4.5cm in the following roll sizes no: 120,127, 620 and 116.
LARGE FORMAT FORMAT 1+ 10+ 25+ 50+ 100+ 250+ 500+ 1000+ 2500+ 5000+ 10000+ 15000+
4x5" TIFF & JPEG 7.00 3.50 3.00 2.50 2.00 1.50 1.40 1.30 1.20 1.10 1.00 1.00
5x7" TIFF & JPEG 8.00 4.00 3.50 3.00 2.50 2.00 1.90 1.80 1.70 1.60 1.50 1.40
8x10" TIFF & JPEG 10.00 5.00 4.50 4.00 3.50 3.00 2.90 2.80 2.70 2.60 2.50 2.40
Oversized <A3 TIFF & JPEG 14.00 7.00 6.50 6.00 5.50 5.00 4.90 4.80 4.70 4.60 4.50 4.40
  • Medium Format and Large Format Film
  • Archive Photograph Scanning
  • Old Maps and Charts
  • Engineer Drawings
  • Wide Format & Plus Size Scanning
  • Document Scanning
  • X-Rays and Transparencies
  • Local History Archiving


35mm Positive and 35mm Negative Slide Scanning Solutions in Oxfordshire UK

Standard Slide and Negative Strips

Our standard slide and negative strip scanning is very popular with consumer clients. With resolutions perfect for HD viewing these scan be scanned and preserved using our cloud server or onto USB, DVD or your own cloud.

Non Standard Film Slides to Digital in Oxfordshire UK

Non Standard Slide and Negative Strips

Our non standard slide and negative strip scanning is perfect for corporate, archive companies and consumer clients that batch small to large batches of slides. These formats require more specialist handling. With 3D stereo slides we would usually only scan one side unless advised.

Medium Format Film Conversion to Digital Oxfordshire UK

Medium Format Film Conversion to TIFF or JPEG

Our medium and large format film scanning starts anywhere between 3.8 x 3.8cm upto large format 4 x 5". To include oversize negative scanning of glass plate and lantern slides and X-Ray scanning solutions.

Glass Plate Negative Scanning to Digital File Oxfordshire UK

Glass Plate Negative Scanning

We are specialists the conversion of glass plate negatives. These stunning slides are fragile and require gentle handling and cleaning. Our equipment is perfect for this conversion ready for you to access the digital files.

Family and Corporate Photograph Scanning Oxfordshire UK

Photograph Scanning

Our scanning services are fully supportive of converting photographs upto oversize A3 and beyond. Working with private clients, artists and archive centres we convert into your chosen digital files ready for easy access.

Document Scanning Solutions in Oxfordshire UK

Document & Diary Scanning

Our company can provide superb options for document scanning upto oversize A3. Working with many companies in and around Oxfordshire we provide solutions for archiving all your paperwork into digital media.

Wide format and artwork scanning solutions in Oxfordshire UK

Artwork Scanning

Working with many artists and companies we can convert your artwork into digital formats ready for online presence. Capturing all the details our scanners are superb at support you with your digital media requirements.

X-Rays and Transparency Scanning Solutions Oxfordshire UK

Transparencies & X-Ray Scanning

We can support you with all your oversized scanning requirements from large transparencies and X-Rays and much more.

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