35mm/16mm Professional Motion Film Duplication at Oxford Duplication Centre

35mm Motion Film Scanning Services in Oxfordshire UK

Complete Solution The Cintel Scanner from Blackmagic Design

The Moving image format type consists of B&W and color photochemical emulsions on translucent plastic backing with sprocket holes running down one or both sides of the film strip. The film strip may contain an optical or magnetic soundtrack. Each of the formats featured are defined by the width (or "gauge") of the film.

Type Support Binder Image
B&W Plastic (Nitrate, Acetate, or Polyester) Gelatin Silver Particles
Color Plastic (Acetate or Polyester) Gelatin Yellow, Magenta, and Cyan Dyes


You can have outputs in range of formats from raw scans or we can then pass the files through Davinci Resolve to make additional subtle colour corrections, trimming out any blank sections ready for export.  HD or 4K digital files can be provided for archiving or home or professional editing or playback on smart TV’s or tablet devices.

Our Cintel Scanner features powerful built in Image Mill stabilization, a 35mm HDR film gate and 16mm HDR film gate .  Using the leading DaVinci Resolve Studio software, we can offer grain reduction, dust busting and dirt removal tools. The Blackmagic Design Cintel Scanner is a complete solution.

We can scan 35mm film up to 4K resolution, specialising in professional film scanning at SD, HD and 2K (1556) and 4K (3112) resolution. For the best HD video quality we recommend the Pro 2K scan. Over sampling your film is always a good idea in order to get the best quality. So, to get the best looking SD video you want to scan at HD. To get he best HD video you want to scan at 2K.  

Scanning per foot costs include scanning only.  This does not include the cost of the output formats like DVD or external hard drives.  

For a price please contact cheryl@oxfordduplicationcentre.com or ring 01865 457000.

  • SD Scan Produces 50-60% Less Quality Than the Film
  • ProHD Scan Produces 20-25% Less Quality Than The Film
  • Pro2K Scan Produces As Good As The Film
  • Pro4K Scan Produces Video That Is Better Than The Film

  • DVD & Blu-Ray - Good for Viewing on TV, Not for Editing
  • MPEG4 - Good for Viewing on Computers and Platforms
  • AVI, HD-AVI & ProRes - Good for Editing, Not for Viewing on TV
  • DPX - Professional Editing Only

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