Video & Audio Tape Duplication at Oxford Duplication Centre

Our Services within Film

VHS VHS-C SVHS Video Tapes

The VHS format is not only out of style, it’s out of date – it’s getting harder and harder to find a VCR in someone’s home, much less on the shelf at Best Buy. Add that to the fact that VHS tapes are notoriously poor stewards of your memories – tapes get chewed up, the film gets ripped out by the VCR, and even in perfect condition they only last about 20 years!

Hi8 Video8 Digital 8 Tapes

Video 8 to DVD Transfer is our No1 service. Did you know that every time you play your videotape, you take the chance of losing your precious family memories...FOREVER? Your machine causes wear on the tapes and age doesn't help either. Once your tapes are on DVD the only thing that can affect the quality is physical scratches. Let us transfer your tapes to DVD before it's too late so can watch them for many years.

Mini DV Tapes

We work with VHS, 8mm, Hi8, VHS-C, Digital8, miniDV and miniDV HDV tapes. There are no hidden charges; our flat fee fixes anything and everything that is wrong with your tape with free return shipping and a lifetime guarantee. Completed orders will be shipped within two business weeks of receiving the tape.


Professional Video Tape Formats

We transfer, copy and convert DVCAM video tapes to DVD and Editable File Formats. DVCAM is often considered to be MiniDV's big brother. It was a popular format amongst wedding photographers and TV news crews. The larger format meant that was quite robust and less prone to errors and dropouts.

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