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Our heritage HD (high definition) video tape digitisation service support clients with audio-visual video tape digitisation from 1 video tape to 1000's.  Based around World Leading AWS conversion and Blackmagic units we offer archival preservation video outputs to include 10-bit uncompressed, FFV1 lossless for the recommended quality outputs in line with iASA Industry Standards. To include all Pro-Res outputs, Quicktime .MOV video files.

The purpose of a preservation copy is to create a high quality duplicate of the original tape. This way, if the original deteriorates beyond use the preservation copy will be able to take its place. Video preservation copies generally have the following characteristics: High resolution, High bitrate, No or very little compression, Open or non-proprietary formats.
The purpose of an access copy is to create a copy of your record that you can play back easily. This can be a DVD or mp4 file to allow play back on a computer or DVD player. Video access copies generally have the following characteristics: May be reduced resolutions, Low bitrate, Fairly compressed.

Files may be delivered on hard drive, flash drive or optical disk; whichever method you select you should be prepared to make a second, or backup, copy to help ensure the safety of your records.

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