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Our Audio-Visual studio boasts an impressive collection of professional AV machines for the conversion of all broadcast tapes.  Our injestion is built around the World leading AWS Elemental systems which produce the highest quality archival (AVI/FFV1) and Pro-Res outputs between all video standards, frame rates and resolutions, catering for bulk or small order projects, providing output options to virtually any file formats.  

 Clients include Universities, Production Houses, Museums, Historical Societies, Libraries, Educational Sectors and Corporate Businesses.   Please email or Tel: 01865 457000 

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Umatic Tape Corporate Conversions

U-matic Consumer
(1971 – 1990s)

U-matic S (1974 – 1990s)

U-matic S
(1974 – 1990s)

VHS Tapes to DVD and USB Oxfordshire UK

Professional VHS
(1976 – late 2000s)

Type C Sony Video Tape Corporate Conversions

Type C Video Tape  

Betacam Tape Transfers

Betacam Broadcast 
(1982 – 1990s)

U-matic SP (1986 – late 1990s)

U-matic SP
(1986 – late 1990s)

Betacam SP Tape Transfers

Betacam SP
(1986 – 2001)

D1 (1987 – 1990s)

D1 Large Cassettes
(1987 – 1990s)

S VHS Video Camcorder Tape Transfers Oxfordshire UK

Super VHS
(1987 – early 2000s)

D2 (1988 – 2000s)

D2 Large Cassettes
(1988 – 2000s)

HI8 Camcorder Video Tape Conversions in Oxfordshire

(1989 – 2007)

Digital Betacam Tape Transfers

Digital Betacam
(1993 – 2016)

Mini DV and HDV Tape Transfers Oxfordshire UK

(1995 – late 2000s)

DVCpro Video Tape Services Oxfordshire UK

(1995 – early 2010s)

DVCam Tape Transfer Services in Oxfordshire UK

(1996 – )

Betacam SX (1996 – 2007)

Betacam SX 
(1996 – 2007)

DVCpro50 Video Tape Services Oxfordshire UK

(1997 – early 2010s)

HDCam Tape Conversions in Oxfordshire UK

(1997 – 2016)

DVCPRO HD (2000 – early 2010s)

(2000 – early 2010s)

MPEG IMX (2001 – 2016)

MPEG IMX Broadcast
(2001 – 2016)

HDCam SR Tape Conversions in Oxfordshire UK

(2003 – 2016)

Our offices are open Monday to Thursday 8am-4pm Friday 8am - 3pm

Our offices and large customer parking are located at the back of our premise, 29b Rear Part Banbury Road, Kidlington OX5 1AQ, behind the large green building attached, opposite Benmead Road.

Contact Us 01865 457000 or email