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Video & Audio Tape Digitisation at Oxford Duplication Centre

Alesis ADAT Tapes converted to .wav or .aiff for DAW mixdown

Professional simultaneous digital 8 track recording ADAT format tapes to WAV or AIFF files. Our conversion will transfer your ADAT tapes to CD or digital format of your choice.

We can transfer your ADAT tapes (S-VHS), both 16 and 20 bit bit rates, and support any number of tracks to multiple digital audio files in the .wav or .aiff files format. We can convert tapes that were tracked with the original "blackface" ADAT and the "silverface" ADAT XT, ADAT XT 20 or ADAT LX 20. There is no limit to the number of tracks we can transfer.

Some common tapes used with ALESIS ADAT multi-track machines include: Quantegy DM 42 HHB ADAT45 HHB ADAT60 BASF DA 40 QUANTEGY ADAT 42C ADAT 60C You will always see the ADAT logo on tapes designed specifically for ADAT machines. Other S-VHS tapes could be formatted and used, so if you see any hand written notes on the label like "Master 16 bit / 48 KHz" or "Master 1 of 3" etc., you are likely looking at a tape recorded with an ADAT machine.


How do you capture video tapes ? Amazon Elemental Processing and Blackmagic:  We use the worlds most advanced AWS Elemental conversion units. With built in high quality de-interlacing, our conversion units offer the most advanced improved image uality with excellent noise reduction. 

What professional machines do you use? Professional U-Matic SP decks, transferring Low-band, SP and High-band in PAL, NTSC and SECAM.  Professional Sony Digital Betacam units which transfer both large and small video tapes from DigiBeta, Betacam SP, Betacam SX, MPEG IMX in PAL or NTSC.  Professional DV decks that transfer both large and small tapes from DVCAM and DVCAM HD in PAL or NTSC. Professional Panasonic decks that transfer DVCPRO and DVCPRO50 tapes in PAL or NTSC. Professional Sony HDCAM decks that transfer Large and small tapes. 

Can you up-scale SD to HD? We use AWS Elemental hardware and dedicated software to up-scale digital files which offer image sampling, edge detection techniques and multi-direction diagonal filters, offering a superb HD looking video, perfect for your requirements.

Are tapes cleaned before transfer? All tapes are gently cleaned using professional machinery.  This is to ensure the best possible conversion but also to preserve our machinery.

How to order? Please place your order by emailing or place your order online . Alternatively, please do contact us to discuss your order.  

Can I drop orders in or post them to you? You are most welcome to bring orders in to our office. Alternatively, you can send your order using the Post Office.

How long do the orders take to process? This depends upon the order and the difficulties associated with magnetic tape.  We would need to assess your order to offer an exact timeline.  If your order is needed in a hurry then we can support you with our express service. 

COST PER VIDEO TAPE TO DIGITAL FILE 1+ 5+ 10+ 25+ 50+ 100+
Viewing File H.264/MPEG-4 32.50 30.00 27.50 25.00 22.50 20.00
Editing File Pro-Res/MOV 50.00 45.00 40.00 35.00 30.00 25.00
Archive 1 FFV1 50.00 45.00 40.00 35.00 30.00 25.00
Archive 2 10bit Uncompressed 60.00 55.00 50.00 45.00 40.00 35.00
ADDITIONAL SERVICES 1+ 5+ 10+ 25+ 50+ 100+
Up-Converting SD to HD - Down
Converting HD to SD, Cross Converting
HD Formats - Selected SD Conversion
14.00 12.75 11.25 9.75 9.00 8.00
Additional H264/MPEG4 Access Files   14.00 12.75 11.25 9.75 9.00 8.00
Tape Baking - Sticky Shed Syndrome 14.00 12.75 11.25 9.75 9.00 8.00
We offer professional tape baking which involves using a specialist oven to draw
moisture from problematic tapes, so they can be safely digitised without damage.
All prices exclude VAT @ 20%

Clients are requested to supply their own hard drive, alternatively we can supply
these at an addtional cost.

Turnaround is dependant upon the project, which can be discussed to
suit your requirements.

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