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Document Scanning Services

Digitising all types of paper documents into secure & accessible electronic records. Oxford Duplication are an award winning provider of high-quality, accredited scanning services in the UK.

Bulk Document Scanning Financial & Student Records  Plans and Drawings
Destructive Book Scanning  Laboratory Books Personal Records
Historical Archives Fragile Documents Large Maps
Image Conversion & OCR Microfilm | 16mm & 35mm Aperture Cards
4-Draw Filing Cabinet Ave 4000 pages per drawer
Standard Archive Box Ave 2500 pages
Copy or Banker Box Ave 2000 pages
Transfer or Box File Ave 500 pages
Lever Arch File Ave 500 pages
Foolscape Document Folder Ave 150 pages
Loose Paper Ave 150 pages per inch
Average Photographs Ave 100 per inch

Short Order Scanning Charges - From 1 page to 1000 pages Output Format 1-250 pages cost per image 251-1000 pages cost per image
Single Sided Digital PDF Images - Colour or Greyscale (minimum charge £25.00) 300dpi PDF 0.25 0.15
OCR (Optical Character Recognition) 0.10 0.05
Pre-Scanning Preparation Cost if Required (removal of staples, obstructions, dog ears and indexing) 24.50 0.025


Our professional ADS (Automatic Document Scanning) machines with OCR (Searchable Content) can support clients with affordable batch scanning upto A3 in size, digitising your documents into more usable assets.

Bulk Order Scanning Charges - From 1,000+ pages Output Formats Cost per 1000 Cost per Image
Single Sided Digital PDF Images - Colour or Greyscale 300dpi PDF 49.95 0.05
OCR (Optical Character Recognition) 20.00 0.02
Pre-Scanning Preparation Cost if Required - removal of staples, obstructions, dog ears and indexing) 14.50 0.0145

Our offices are open Monday to Thursday 8am-4pm Friday 8am - 3pm

Our offices and large customer parking are located at the back of our premise, 29b Rear Part Banbury Road, Kidlington OX5 1AQ, behind the large green building attached, opposite Benmead Road.

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